Keeping A Tight Grip On Your Cash Flow To Help Your Business Navigate Through The Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

For any (small) business, cash is king.

Knowing what’s coming in and out of your business going forward is key to avoiding financial shocks. Whilst many small business tools like Xero and Quickbooks allow you to reconcile your accounts daily, none give a real-time accurate forecast to help you plan ahead.

To help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, Quo Money is looking to offer its innovative money manager tool to small businesses for free – a saving of around £40.

Move on from that spreadsheet! Our simple and intuitive user interfaces skin a powerful and highly sophisticated app that puts real financial management power into your pocket.

Quo Money is the only product where you are guided to improve your financial skills whilst managing your money. Quo Money connects to your small business banking account, analysing what’s coming in and out to create a detailed and accurate financial forecast, predicting your likely bank balance for up to 12 months in advance.

Once connected, Quo Money can generate an accurate financial plan in seconds, prompting you to adhere to it.

Using behavioural science, Quo Money then identifies three key daily actions that you can take to improve financial position, such as:

  • Encouraging you to build savings, build financial resilience and reduce the temptation of impulse spending.
  • Reminding of important dates e.g. bill reminders, renewal dates.
  • Alerting you to the possibility of going overdrawn in the future.

Quo Money is authorised and regulated by the FCA as a RAISP.

If you would like to connect to find out more, please feel free to contact to arrange a brief demo and a detailed proposal.

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