Returning To Work Safely With Protective Desk Screens

As our Prime Minister has confirmed that if you cannot work from home, you can return back to work, businesses must prepare for how their employees can return to the place with their safety and well-being at the forefront of any decisions moving forward.

Where maintaining a distance of 2m between workers isn’t possible, implementing additional hygiene procedures and the use of protective equipment should also be considered.

Protective screens are the solution to those in an office environment and Rap Interiors have several options catering for all office space designs to ensure employees feel safe and protected.

Individual and Back to Back Desks

Full height screens can be installed to the front and either side of you if you sit on an individual desk or back to back desks. The screens come with feet so that they can be adjusted to suit hot-desking too.


As described above, the full height screens can be installed on either side of the desk chairs combined with on desk screens in front and on the left and right side of the desk to act as partitions too.

Reception Desks

A simple way to reduce the risk of contamination through the projection of droplets from those who don’t work at the premises. They have a slot to pass documents through the bottom of the screen too.

Existing Desk Screens

If you have existing desk screens, increasing the height of them will provide extra protection between colleagues.

All screens are easy to install as well as being easy to clean and disinfect.

For more information about how to keep your employees safe when they return back to work, click here

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