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Back To Business: Bringing Staff Out Of Furlough

by Amanda Stoneham

When the furlough scheme was first announced on 20 March 2020 one of the criticisms (from employers) was that this created a political situation amongst employees. In some cases, there was enough work for employees to work on reduced hours. However why would an employee take a pay cut to do work when they could be paid 80% to do nothing on furlough?

Cloud Accounting – The Best Way To Be Ahead In The New Normal

by Amanda Stoneham

At a time when the business world has suffered massive disruption by Covid-19, you need more than ever to be constantly making decisions on what steps to take next to give your business the best chance of recovering.

To stay on top, you need a cool head but most importantly accurate information. Embracing technology to reduce costs and manage your business finances has never been more critical.

Boost Your Cashflow With R&D Tax Credits

by Amanda Stoneham

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of uncertainty and potential cashflow problems. Many businesses are struggling to survive this crisis, especially in the short-term having to fund furloughed employees. Even though the Government’s grants and loans should prove to be a huge lifeline, they are not a quick route to cash.