Future Of The Workplace

Hosted by Ray Johnson, board member at Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce with guest speakers Duncan Cochrane-Dyet from MHA MacIntyre Hudson and John Parkinson from HR GO.

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Future Of The Workplace

There are still so many questions about Covid-19, particularly the big question of ‘What happens next?’ – although this is still slightly unclear there are certain shifts we can expect to see, such as employers adding more support systems in place for their staff, improvement in leadership and a change in company culture.

Companies that have previously embraced future of work practices are likely to be well positioned to sustain their operations and respond quickly to the demands of navigating Covid-19. In these companies, work, workforce, and workplace experiences are supported by virtual resources and technology but how well are you equipped?

Watch the recording for a discussion on ‘Life After Covid-19 For Employers’, and ‘Technology, People and Places’.

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