Mental Health And Wellbeing

Though isolation may be a necessary action for public health, it is acknowledged that it can have a detrimental impact on people’s mental health. So what should you do if your mental health is suffering during self-isolation; are there ways to ensure you safeguard your emotional and mental wellbeing during a potentially extended period of being alone?

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Mental Health And Wellbeing

During this recorded webinar, you can hear from Stephanie Unthank from Infinity Wellness Project who focused on the topic of ‘Dealing with Uncertainty’, where she gave attendee’s wellness techniques on how to maintain positive thinking whilst experiencing a time of uncertainty.

You can also watch Duncan Cochrane-Dyet from MHA MacIntyre Hudson, discuss ‘Management, Leadership and Communication’, touching on topics such as NHS support, current trends that the NHS are seeing, and Covid-Specific matters.

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